There’s a lot of talk about how often people should be washing their bodies.

But have you ever stopped to consider how often you wash your face and if the amount is right for your needs?

This first step may seem like a simple daily ritual, but for the skincare obsessed like us at Jag Cosmetics, a lot of thought goes into the products we recommend to our clients.

So whether you are a skincare connoisseur who's tried different types of cleansers or someone who consistently sticks to the same routine, your regimen probably starts with washing your face. To help you reach your skincare goals, here’s how often you should be cleansing and what cleansers you should be using for your specific skin type.

How often should you wash your face?

No matter what your skin type is, we recommend washing your face at least once a day. Ideally, you would cleanse in the evening to remove all the day’s worth of grime and impurities that have built up on your skin.

In fact, this step is so important for healthier skin that you may notice an increase in breakouts and oil production when you skip a few days.

Now, whether or not you should cleanse both in the morning and at night depends entirely on your skin type and its tolerance. Unfortunately, many people cannot handle washing their face more than once with the same cleanser.

The solution?

Alternating between two cleansers to meet your skin needs. We recommended consulting with one of our beauty consultants to determine which products you should be using and how often you should be using them.

What products to use based on your skin type

Skincare is personal. After all, we all have different skin types, concerns, and goals. Someone with acne may need to cleanse their skin up to twice a day with active ingredients to get rid of their blemishes. Whereas, people with rosacea and dry skin may only need to wash their face once a day with an oil cleanser to avoid over-washing.

What’s more, our skin needs vary throughout the seasons — the extra moisture it craves during the dry winter months may be a recipe for disaster during the humid summer months.

And that’s where the Jag Cosmetics team comes in. We believe personalized skincare should be accessible to everyone so they can find products that work for them. Here are our top cleanser recommendations based on skin types.


-Vivier, Medicated Wash
-SkinMedica, AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

These two products are formulated with BHA (salicylic acid) which targets pores and helps fight acne-causing bacteria.

Normal Skin

-Vivier, Foaming Cleanser
-SkinCeuticals, Simply Clean

We recommend these two cleansers because they work on all skin types thanks to their gentle ingredients.

Dry Skin

-ZO , Hydrating Cleanser
-NeoCutis, NeoCleanse Exfoliating Cleanser

These products contain humectants that help trap moisture which is a must for hydrating dry skin.

Sensitive Skin

-Vivier, Hexam
-ZO, Gentle Cleanser

Gentle cleansers with milder surfactants and soothing ingredients are better options for sensitive skin.

Makeup Removal

-PCA, Daily Oil Cleanser
-SkinCeuticals, Simply Clean

These two cleansers are tested to break down and dissolve all your makeup.

How to tell if you are overwashing

A good indicator for over-washing is a tight feeling in your face after you rinse it. It happens to the best of us. And it’s usually a sign you are using the wrong cleanser for your skin. If you are experiencing tightness, consider switching your face wash to milder formula.

Our beauty consultants at Jag Cosmetics are only a free phone call away to help you curate a selection of professional-strength skincare products to make your skin goals come to life. To find out how to reach us, click here.