Many of us carefully curate our morning beauty routine to make sure we start the day off on the right foot. Whether it consists of applying makeup or embracing a makeup-free look, we view our morning routine as a stepping stone to prepare us for the busy day ahead. 

When bedtime comes, it’s an entirely different story. With the weight of the day on our shoulders, it can be a challenge to get yourself to remove your makeup. Where we see our morning pampering as must, our nighttime routine can feel like a chore.

With stress levels steadily increasing, could the antidote be hiding in our nightly skincare regimens? 

While a de-stress skincare routine may not actually do much to alleviate mental stress, it encourages self-care and soothes the outward symptoms of it. 

With the help of a few key skincare products and ingredients, you can calm your skin and relax your mind. Here are three tips to inspire your next nightly pampering session:

#1 Look for calming ingredients 

Soothing ingredients are commonly found in today’s skincare products. These ingredients can be applied on most skin types from acne-prone skin to inflamed skin. They’re even gentle enough for rosacea-prone skin!

We suggest looking for mild products containing the following ingredients:

  • Ceramides
  • Peptides
  • Green tea
  • Panthenol (vitamin b5)
  • Bisabolol (a chamomile derivative)

While it’s impossible to eradicate stress entirely from our lives, incorporating calming ingredients can help balance its effects on your mind, but more importantly, your skin. 

Here are some of our favourite calming products you can find at Jag Cosmetics:

Restorative Skin Complex from Alastin
It packs a calming punch with niacinamide, vitamin E, peptides, and ceramides. It’s also formulated to volumize and lift skin to restore a vibrant, youthful appearance.

Lumivive from SkinMedica
This product is amazing for protecting the skin against environmental damage. Formulated with green tea, niacinamide, peptides, and panthenol, it’s guaranteed to soothe the skin. 

Rozatrol from ZO Skin Health
This cream helps reduce the production of oil and redness also while exfoliating extremely gently for smoother skin texture and tone.

#2 Relax with a mask

A surefire way to relieve the stresses of the day is to take a few minutes in the evening to apply a face mask.

Masks are more than just a luxury product to be used on nights when you feel like treating yourself. In fact, they are useful for the skin. They can help prevent clogged pores, hydrate your skin, and allow the products you apply after to penetrate the skin more easily.

Bear in mind that masks are not intended to be used on a daily basis. Rather, save your masks for once or twice a week. Masking is also an amazing way to ease into the weekend on Friday or get ready for work week on Sunday night. Or any day for that matter! You don’t need a reason to relax!

Once again, keep an eye out for ingredients that aim to soothe the skin like prebiotics, vitamin E, and the aforementioned ingredients. 

#3 Fight Stress Acne

With lives always on the go, it can be hard to decompress after a long day. 

With that being said, it probably comes as no surprise to know that there is a close relationship between stress and skin. Unfortunately, when you feel stressed, your body responds by overproducing the oil released from your sebaceous glands, resulting in breakouts. 

And while stress can cause acne, breakouts can further increase your stress, creating a vicious cycle. You can alleviate this worry by incorporating acne fighting products into your routine, especially during periods you know you’ll be experiencing high levels of anxiety.


If you are noticing the quality of your skin changing because of stress, our beauty consultants at Jag Cosmetics can develop a personalized skincare regimen to help you take control of your skin health.