A Complete Guide to Post-Procedure Skincare

It's no secret that cosmetic procedures have been on the rise in recent years. With Zoom meetings being the new norm, many dermatologists have experienced a boom in laser and injectable treatments. And it comes as no surprise considering we spend all day looking out ourselves through our screens! 

While dermatologists do all the work when you come in for your annual treatment, maintaining the results is your responsibility once you leave the office. That’s why we’re sharing our best tips and tricks to help your recovery with expert-recommended aftercare.

What to Avoid

Getting the best results from your treatment starts before you even step foot into your dermatologist’s office. 

3 to 7 days before your appointment, you should stop using all active ingredients, such as retinolBHA/AHA, and Hydroquinone. This step is crucial to avoid unnecessary irritation. 

Tips & Tricks

Sun protection is essential all year round, but even more so after a cosmetic procedure that removes the top layers of the skin. Why? Because your skin is sensitive as it heals and rejuvenates. Avoiding sunscreen can make your skin end up looking worse than it was before your treatment. In other words, not only is that treatment going to waste, but it’s also a setback for your anti-ageing journey.

Our other go-to recommendation is to keep your skin as clean and hydrated as possible immediately following your cosmetic procedure. Adding a rich moisturizer to your skincare routine will help speed up your skin recovery by keeping the dryness and flakiness at bay. 

The Routine

Now, onto the post-procedure regimen. Your at-home skincare will vary depending on which cosmetic procedure you had done, your skin type, and the overall end goal of your treatment.  

That being said, here’s what an ideal routine looks like: 


  1. Gentle cleanser
  2. Treatment product
  3. Hydrating
  4. SPF protection


  1. Gentle cleanser
  2. Treatment
  3. Hydration

Help the Healing Process With Medical-Grade Skincare

To go the extra mile, we suggest incorporating the following innovative products to help speed up your recovery and improve your results after a cosmetic treatment: 


SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex 

A formula packed with the highest percentage of growth factor to prevent free-radical damage and promote healing. 

Alastin’s Tri-Hex Duo 

This duo contains the Skin Nectar and Restorative Skin Complex. It's designed to be used before and after laser sessions to reduce downtime and boost collagen and elastin production.

Alastin’s INHance 

A must-have post-injection treatment to tame inflammation, bruising and swelling. Apply four times a day with the cool tip to injected areas to prevent bruises and promote collagen production. 

Vivier’s Hexam 

This gentle cleanser contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients to prevent secondary infections.

Alastin’s TransFORM

A body cream specifically formulated to target fat loss from body sculpting treatments, as well as treat crepey skin, and clear out old collagen and elastin from the skin.

SkinMedica’s Scar Gel

This gel is the ideal blend of ingredients for advanced healing of new and old scars caused by minor injuries to post-surgical incisions. With clinical studies showing 80% improvement of treated scars at 6 months, this product is a must-have!


Choosing to undergo a cosmetic procedure is a significant step towards improving the appearance and health of your skin. You can keep your skin looking its best post-procedure with a skincare routine curated for your needs by our Jag Cosmetics experts. 

Ultimately, your doctor, nurse, or technician is always your best resource for exact protocols to follow after your procedure.